The Balcony of Europe (Balcón de Europa)

As some of you may already know, the Balcón de Europa is a gorgeous balcony from where you can look over the Mediterranean sea. It’s one of the most popular places in Andalucía, a spot for the perfect photo of the sea, or a photo with the statue of the late king Alfonso XII who actually named this balcony after the big earthquake that hit Nerja in 1884. Back in those days here stood a watch out fort called “Paseo de la Batería” and the king shouted,fa “this is the Balcón de Europa”.

The Balcón de Europa is quite charming and all the tourists who visit Nerja will visit this balcony. Here you can take a stroll and also watch numerous artists (musicians, painters, jugglers) do their thing. Because it’s in the center of Nerja it’s a great spot to meet your friends or family and have an ice cream on one of the benches or in one of the many bars that surround this balcony.

This is one of those places you just can’t miss when you are staying in Nerja. It will become one of your favorite spots here in Nerja.

Nerja Turismo - Balcon de Europa - Balcón de Europa en la Antigüedad
Balcón de Europa en la Antigüedad

Photos of the Balcón de Europa

Nerja Turismo - Balcon de Europa - Precioso Balcon
Nerja Turismo - Balcon de Europa - Arcos de Europa
Nerja Turismo - Balcon de Europa - Chanquete
Nerja Turismo - Balcon de Europa - Alfonso XIII

Beaches of the Balcón de Europa

The Balcón de Europa finds itself surrounded by two of the most well-known beaches in Nerja. These beaches are Calahonda to your left and Caletilla to your right, which also goes by the name of “The hotel’s beach”. These beaches are also well-known in the whole Axarquía area.

The beaches are perfect to spend the day on, especially if your accommodation is quite central or if you are just visiting Nerja for one day and want to have a quick swim after your long day walking round.

Also, if you go to Calahonda and walk around the rocks you can get to a good amount of other beaches. You can even walk to Burriana beach where you can rent a kayak and visit the Maro cliffs, they are worth the time and effort!

Nerja Turismo - Balcon de Europa - Playas del Balcon de Europa

Balcón de Europa Hotel

A gorgeous 4-star hotel, the most central of all hotels in Nerja. In the hotel’s rooms, you can enjoy stunning sea views and also look at the beach (Caletilla Beach) that is literally just behind the hotel. Because this is a high-end hotel you can enjoy an excellent room service, swim in their swimming pool and enjoy something to eat and drink in their bar. Also, you will be having breakfast while looking over the Mediterranean, hard to beat. They have two types of suites, double and single rooms.


  • Single Room
  • Standard Double Room without a balcony or sea views
  • Double Room with a balcony and sea views
  • Junior Suite with a balcony and sea views
  • Junior Suite Deluxe with a balcony, sea views and also a jacuzzi

The hotel also has a popular restaurant called “El Náutico”, which has an excellent score on Tripadvisor. The reviews are quite good so book your table and prepare to enjoy their lovely food.

Nerja Turismo - Balcon de Europa - Hotel Balcon de Europa

Restaurants around the Balcón de Europa

For those of you who are just strolling around the Balcón de Europa I recommend the following restaurants. They are very close and of exceptional quality.

If you are thinking of eating seafood then the restaurant “Puerta del Mar” should be your choice. The food there is excellent and they have a wide array of dishes to try. That said, the price is somewhat high.

On Plaza Cavana (the little square behind the church) you can find the restaurant “Mar Bella”, there they have an exceptional terrace with sea views.
If you are just looking to have a cup of coffee and something light to eat then you should try one of the cafés on the Balcón square. I recommend either Kronox or Albi.

I also have a list of restaurants in Nerja, some of which you can find very close to the Balcón de Europa.

While you are in Nerja I also recommend that you visit some of the towns that are close:

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