Visit Maro Beach is incredible

Come and discover this little beach in Maro, one of the nicest beaches in Spain. A spectacular small beach found in the Maro district of Nerja, under the cliffs of the Tejeda mountain range. Are you tired of busy beaches like Calahonda or Salón? Then visit Maro Beach, one of the quieter beaches in Nerja.

A calm sea, and crystal-clear water only a few kilometers from the town center, an ideal spot for your holiday. It’s like holding paradise in your arms.

Come early to this somewhat hidden beach so you can unwind. Enjoy the best sunrise you have ever seen. You will discover how marvelous this place is in the early hours of the morning.

Information about the beach

One of the most essential beaches to visit while enjoying your vacation in Nerja. A 500m long beach with thick sand surrounded by nature and beauty: vegetation, crops, canes and a gorgeous blue-green sea. Here you the sea in clean and the water is crystal-clear, and what you will find under the water will blow you away: coral reefs, all kinds of fish that hide between the rocks…

Accessible for kids, elderly people, and disabled people. They also have a car park, which is just a few meters away from the sand.

vistas desde arriba de la playa de Maro
la playa de Maro es una de las mejores calas de Nerja

Services on offer

  • Kiosk
  • Toilets
  • Showers
  • Lifeguards (in the summer)
  • Sunbeds
  • Restaurant (beach restaurant)
  • Accessible for disabled people
  • Car Park (not very big)
Amanecer en la playa de Maro
Amanecer en la playa de Maro

Activities on Maro Beach

The two main activities you can practice on this beach are kayaking and snorkeling.

  • You can rent a kayak with the “Salamandra Multiaventura” company, located on the beach. Or why not book an excursion with one of their guides, this will give you the chance to see some things you might miss on if you go on your own. With a bit of a luck, you will get the chance to see water falling down the waterfall which is found under a cliff. I say with a bit of luck because some days the water is diverted to the local farms so they can water their crops. Renting a kayak costs around 8€ and hour, and if you prefer to go with the guide then you will be looking at paying 20€ for the two-hour excursion.
  • Also highly recommended is snorkeling. The sea here is normally very calm, making it an almost see-through blue color which is perfect for snorkeling. Fishing is prohibited here since it is a natural park and this means that fishes are abundant in this area. You can almost reach out to them. There is a whole eco-system living down there in between the rocks of the reefs. The most common lifeforms are groupers, sponges, corals, and sea anemones. For those who are more experienced divers, you can find amazing underwater caves. Snorkeling with such rich fauna is something I truly can’t describe.

Where is Maro Beach?

To get to this beach from Nerja you must take the N-340 national road towards Almería. When you arrive at the Nerja Cave roundabout take the first exit and enter Maro. Go through the Maro district until you pass the “hotel playa maro” and take the first right (at the small roundabout). Continue along the road, if you see greenhouses then you are on the right track. If you come in the summer you will notice that many cars will be parked along the road. Finally, you will arrive at a little square where you can park your car (if there’s space) and a sign which indicates that you have arrived at Maro Beach. You should that it is prohibited to park past the barrier (even if the barrier is up).

Aparcamiento de la playa de Maro
Entrada y aparcamiento de la playa de Maro

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Maro Beach is quite something, but if you believe that it’s too crowded or you just love being alone then I invite you to visit these above-mentioned beaches.

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