Do you know the Nerja Caves?

The famous Nerja Caves are found in Maro, a district of Nerja (Málaga). They were discovered on the 12th of January 1959 by a group of young locals who were on a late-night walk searching for bats. The Nerja Caves are the perfect place to relive a bit of Nerja’s past. The caves in Nerja have been classed as a “Good of Cultural Interest”, a form of heritage register in Spain.

In the Nerja Caves, you and your family will enjoy a 45-minute excursion of one of the most important caves in the World. Here you will find the oldest work of art known to man and also some of the largest rock formations around.
In the Nerja Caves there exist 3 galleries, as far as we know. The public gallery, the high gallery, and the new gallery, though at this moment only the public gallery is open to tourists.

What really sticks out of this cave, are the numerous amount of speleothems present. They are present on the ceiling, floor, and walls. There are various types:

  • Stalactites
  • Stalactites
  • Columns
  • Gours
  • Spirals

In the Nerja Caves there are also 589 rock paintings, as far as we know. But, you can’t visit the areas where they are found due to conservation issues. These paintings are estimated to be from the Upper Paleolithic and recent ancient history.

Opening hours for the Nerja Caves

The Nerja Caves are open 363 days a year. They are closed on the 1st of January to celebrate the new year and also on the 15th of May to celebrate San Isidro, the patron of the laborers.

Normal hours

The normal opening hours are from 9am till 3:30pm.

Special hours

The caves have special opening hours for Thursday, Friday and Saturday of Semana Santa (around easter time, a very similar festivity) and during the months of July and August. These opening hours are from 9:30am till 6pm.

* You must know that due to the conservation of the caves, no tourist is allowed inside when the caves are closed.

Nerja Turismo - Cuevas de Nerja - Entrada

How to get to the Nerja Caves?

The Nerja Caves are found in Maro, 4km from Nerja. To get here by car, you have two options: on the old national 340 road or the A7 motorway.

National 340 road

If you wish to go to the Nerja Caves via the old national 340 road then you will have to leave Nerja as if you were going to Almería. Shortly after you will arrive at the Maro roundabout and you will have to take the second exit. Now all you have to do is continue up the hill, past the hotel Al-Andalus, and park your car outside the caves. Worry not, it is all quite well signposted.

A7 motorway

If you decide to go to the Nerja Caves via the A7 motorway you must drive towards Almería and take the Nerja-Maro exit (exit number 295). Now you have to head towards the sea and take the last roundabout, there take the second exit. You will now be arriving at the Maro roundabout, take the second exit and continue up the hill to arrive the caves.

Address of the Nerja Caves

  • Address: Carretera de Maro, s/n,29787 Nerja, Málaga
  • Latitude: 36.761688
  • Longitude: -3.844792
  • Website:
  • Phone: 952 52 95 20

Prices of the Nerja Caves

The regular excursion consists of an audiovisual projection that lasts and 10 minutes, and a 45-minute visit through all its rooms. This includes an audio guide.

Normal entry

The price of entry to the Nerja Caves is:

  • Adults: 14 €.
  • Kids between 6-12: 6 €.
  • Kids under 6: free of charge.
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Entry + Museum + “Train”

The price of this package includes the visit to the Nerja caves, the caves’ museum and also the “train” ride.

  • Adults: 15 €.
  • Kids between 6-12: 10 €.
  • Kids under 6: free of charge.
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Exclusive visits to the Nerja Caves

You can also go on special visits to the caves, when the caves are closed to the general public. You will be in a small group with a Spanish tour guide these come in three types:

  • The secrets of the caves. In this special excursion, you will learn all the secrets of the caves, secrets which the general public will not get the chance to experience. You will go through a number of lit rooms, which gives the caves a very warming feel.
    • Timetable: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday from 5pm till 6:30pm, only in July and August.
  • The discovery. In this special excursion, you will visit the first excavations that were done to the cave. These areas were inhabited by our ancestors a long long time ago. This excursion is not recommended for children under 10 and comfortable shoes are more than recommended.
    • Timetable: Saturday’s at 5pm, except in July and August when it is at 6pm.
  • Nighttime visit. In this special excursion, you will discover the caves in the same manner as those youngsters did back in the day. You will be gifted a headlamp so you can venture into the darkness and silence of the night. This is the most authentic excursion of the Nerja Caves.
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The Nerja Caves’ museum

The museum is located on Plaza España in Nerja. It’s open 363 days a year, closing on the 1st of January and the 15th of May. In this museum, you will find a multimedia 360º show, this show you will take you through history. You will be able to see how Nerja has changed over the years and discover some of the artifacts found in the area which date back to ancient times. Also, you will see how Nerja has changed since the 60’s thanks to the rising tourism. Lastly, you will be able to see some of the old artifacts used by farmers and fishermen here in Nerja.

Museum opening hours

  • Normal hours: 9am till 4pm
  • July, August and Semana Santa: 9am till 6:30pm

Museum prices

  • Adults: 4 €.
  • Kids between 6-12: 2 €.
  • Kids under 6: free of charge.

The little “train” Cueva Tren

You may have noticed that there is a red “train” driving around Nerja. Thanks to this “train” we can get on and off at numerous stops in Nerja. We can do this all day long and they even go to the Nerja Caves. The “train” offers an audio guide in English or Spanish that will offer you a great insight of some of the most important monuments in Nerja.

This “train” goes all around town and stops off at 4 of the most important spots in Nerja.

  • Nerja Caves
  • Verano Azul park
  • Plaza de España (where the Museum can be found)
  • Maro square

Prices for the little “train” Cueva Tren

Prices include entrance to the Nerja Caves and the museum.

El precio del lote es de:

  • Adults: 15 €.
  • Kids between 6-12: 10 €.
  • Kids under 6: free of charge.
Nerja Turismo - Cuevas de Nerja - Cueva Tren
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