Salón Beach (Nerja)

The Salón Beach in Nerja is located to the right of the Balcón de Europa, just past the “Caletilla Beach”. This beach in Nerja is just full of charm everywhere you look. Here you will find small sheds (some are directly inside the rocks) where the fishermen keep all their equipment. I invite you to walk along this beach, and through the rocks (when the tide is low) which will take you to a very very small beach. From here you can take a fantastic photo of the Balcón de Europa (the same photo as you see here)

Nerja Turismo - Playas de Nerja - Playa del Salon - Vistas del Balcon de Europa
Vistas al Balcón de Europa
Nerja Turismo - Playas de Nerja - Playa del Salon - Cortijo de Pescador
Cobertizo de Pescadores

Characteristics and services of Salón Beach

Salón Beach is 200m long and 20m wide. It gets quite busy in the summer, especially with Spanish tourists. Although the access to this beach is not excellent (the ramp is quite steep), the location of this beach makes it a top pick for families who wish to spend the day on the beach. A calm sea and a medium grain sand make swimming in this beach perfect. This beach in nerja is ideal for all kinds of people and thanks to the soft sand on this beach you will not need to use any special footwear (like you would on Playazo for example).

Nerja Turismo - Playas de Nerja - Playa del Salon - Barcas
Barcas de la playa el Salón
Nerja Turismo - Playas de Nerja - Playa del Salon - Casa de Pescadores
Casa en la playa de pescadores

The beach is considerably well equipped with fresh water showers (though the water pressure leaves a lot to be desired). There is also a lifeguard tower and a flag system to indicate if the waters are not safe to go into. Any kind of cut or sting will be cured by the lifeguard within a matter of minutes. This beach is one of the cleanest in Nerja thanks to the numerous bins you can find here.

 Leisure wise, this beach only offers a sunbed service and a small kiosk (open all day).

How to get to Salón Beach?

There is only one access to this beach. You must go down the alleyway found next to the “el Salvador” church, the same alleyway you would go through to get to “Toboso Apar Turis” Aparthotel. This alleyway will lead you to a zigzagging ramp which will take you to this fisherman beach. Here you will find small boats, sheds in the rocks and even houses. These houses used to be the fishermen’s first home but nowadays they use them as summer houses.

Nerja Turismo - Playas de Nerja - Playa del Salon - Rampa Playa
Rampa zigzagueante a la playa
Nerja Turismo - Playas de Nerja - Playa del Salon - Bajada Playa
Bajada a la playa del salón
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History of Salón Beach

Playa del Salon -

The battle for domination of the Iberian Peninsula ended with the entrance of the Catholic Monarchs. Málaga wasn’t reconquered by the Christians until the year 1487, but Nerja kept a lot of its Muslim population. This meant that Nerja had three cultures living within it: Christians, Arabs, and Jews. At this moment the kingdom ordered that everyone who did not convert to Christianism must abandon the country. From this moment, several legends appeared telling the story of how the Salón Beach got its name. It is said that the Jews who left the country would shout the word “Shalom” which means peace, hello and also goodbye.

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