The best things to do in Nerja

If you want to know things to do in Nerja all year round, then this is your article. I’m going to tell you about some fun activities you can do while in Nerja.

Nerja is a coastal town in the Málaga province and as you may already know it’s sunny almost all the time. There are lots of activities on offer for all ages that I’m going to cover.

With this guide, you can plan all types of activities for your family. I have a list of sports, parties, and relaxing activities with a lot of sun.

Nerja will soon become your favorite place to spend your summer, a place that you will come back to year after year. You will come back because you will fall in love with the amazing views on offer and the exceptional climate. Not to mention how friendly people are around here.

Things to do in Nerja with your family

So lets say that you have just arrived and you are looking for things to do in Nerja but you don’t know exactly what. Do you want prepare something for the whole family or maybe just with your partner or friends?

I propose you start off lightly and take a stroll through town because I’m sure you are still just getting used to it here. This way you can relax a little and you can clear your mind thanks to the amazing views and the white-washed streets.
Don’t worry if the place where you are staying is slightly out of the town center because there is a 24 hour Nerja Taxis in town and all you have to do is call them on (+34) 952520537.

That said, if you are reading this guide from home and you still haven’t found a place to stay, here is a website with hotels in Nerja.

Nerja Turismo - Que hacer en Nerja

After seeing this beautiful image of the Balcón de Europa I will give you a list of things to do in Nerja with your family. I’m going to help you discover the area in the best possible way.

Balcón de Europa

Visit the most emblematic place in Nerja, with the sea views looking towards Africa. Take a stroll through the Balcón of Europa and wave at the Mediterranean sea from this world-renowned balcony. The late king Alfonso XII looks over this place, a place where you can grab an ice cream and stroll through palm trees while watching all the street artists do their thing.

You will have the chance to buy a caricature of your family or watch acrobats juggle. There are plenty of different artists at the spot.

I recommend doing all of this at from about 18:30 onwards, at sundown.

A stroll through Calle Pintada

If you are still around the Balcón then you should visit one of the most important streets in Nerja (Calle Pintada) because it’s very close. There you will find all kinds of shops, from souvenirs with the typical spanish bull to more sofisticated clothes shops. The street is also very pintoresque and I recommend that you come here at least once. Splash out on clothes or just buy that souvenir you wanted to remind you of how perfect this holiday was.

Nerja Turismo - Que hacer en Nerja - Mercadillo de los Domingos

Market (Tuesday and Sunday)

The local is on every Tuesday and Sunday. On Tuesday you will find plenty of fresh produce, and new clothes at a very reasonable prices.
If you prefer antiques or collecting then Sunday is the day to go. You will find all kinds of collectibles and also hand-made products. You will be able to find almost anything but not food.

Opposite the Market you can find a café called Genesis, there you can have a cup of coffee or a beer and also a bite to eat.

The small “train”

You may have noticed there is a small “train” that goes through town, this train might be a good idea if you want to see the town at a good price. It departs from Plaza de los Cangrejos and includes an audio guide that will help you learn a bit more about our town and hopefully it will help you find out things to do in Nerja.

Currently inactive


When the “train” arrives back at Plaza de los Cangrejos you should take a stroll through that square because the views there are also very good. It’s a great square by the sea with beautiful sea views next to Torrecilla beach.

If you’re visiting in the summer you will have plenty more things to do in nerja and on this square, you will see some trampolines. These are great for the kids and in the meantime, you can have a drink on the terrace of the many bars there.

Things to do in Nerja (Summertime)

So you are visiting in the summer but you don’t exactly know what to do here in Nerja, but relax because there is a lot on offer. When the summer comes Nerja springs to life. Burriana beach is the place to be if you want to have some fun in the summer.

Now I’m going to tell you what you can do in Nerja in the summer.


At the end of Burriana beach, opposite Ayo’s beach restaurant there is a jet-ski rental business. Here you can rent a jet-ski to have some fun whether it be with your family or your partner. You can speed past all the beaches in Nerja. The price is 35 euros per person and you can ride for 15 minutes. In these 15 minutes, you will feel alive thanks to the adrenaline caused by the speed of these jet-skis.

Banana Boat

Perfect for those who want to live the excitement of the jet-skis but can’t ride them. A speed boat will drag you along the sea and you will live moments of true chaos. It’s very very fun and you can enjoy this with your whole family and/or friends because the Banana Boat has a capacity of 6 people. Please keep in mind that it may not actually be banana shaped.


For those of you who wish to touch the sky. A speed boat will make you fly and from here you can see Nerja in a different perspective. A perspective that not everyone can have. Take note though, I don’t recommend this for the faint of heart.

Paddle boat

If you are looking for something a bit less exhilarating why not try the paddle boats? Here you can relax and enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean sea. You can rent a paddle boat at numerous beaches in Nerja. Torrecilla beach and Burriana beach.

Deap sea diving

On Burriana beach, you can also book a deep sea diving excursion. The company who offer this service will take you offshore and take you to beautiful places where you will be able to see fish and other sea animals that may surprise you! Click here to see the prices or book an excursion.

Things to do in Nerja? Well, you can relax that’s for sure

Nerja Turismo - Que hacer en Nerja - Tumbonas

Nerja sunbeds

For those of you who wish to bronze Nerja is perfect. In the summer almost every beach in Nerja has sunbed rentals at around 4€ per day. At Burriana beach you can find sunbed areas for every beach restaurant, so around 12 sunbed areas. Some of them have Balinese beds, these are the best for relaxing.

Nerja Turismo - Que hacer en Nerja - Excursion Rio Chillar

The Río Chillar walk

Is one of the best things to do in Nerja. Perfect for families and kids. Situated in the natural park in the Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama mountain ranges. This walk is around 16km there and back but you don’t have to go all the way. It’s important you know that you will need comfortable and sporty shoes because of the rocks. Keep in mind that during certain times of the year, some areas of the walk may be under water.

Beach tennis paddles

Don’t forget this classic beach game! It’s good for the little ones and they can play just by the seashore. Great!

Non-aquatic sports


You can enjoy a game of tennis, with up to three friends, in La Raqueta tennis club which can be found opposite the Nerja Club hotel. There are 3 courts and the price is 12€ an hour (2€ extra after dark).

Paddle Tennis

If you prefer paddle tennis then you have 3 places to choose from:

  1. La Raqueta tennis club also offers paddle tennis. They have two courts: one glass court and one court with walls. The price is 14€ an hour for the glass court and 12 for the other court. (2€ extra after dark).
  2. The sports complex Enrique Lopez Cuenca offers four glass courts. The price is 9’50€ an hour (1’20€ extra after dark).
  3. The Nerja Parador where they have two courts with walls. The price is 10€ an hour.


On Burriana beach, you can find three volleyball courts that are open all year round and the best part is that they are free! You can play with your friends or challenge those who are already playing.


Nerja has an athletics ground that can host 2000 spectators. There is an eight-lane track all backed up by the national athletics association.


If you like swimming and prefer the pool to the sea then go to the Enrique Lopez Cuenca sports complex where they have an indoor pool. This indoor pool has six lanes.

Where to go if you want to have a beverage?

So you have been doing things all day and you just want to go to a bar and have a drink, well you also have plenty of option of where to drink in Nerja. I’m going tell recommend some places but I hope you can help me out in the comments.


So maybe it’s a bit too early for the bars and you just want to have a coffee, or and ice cream or maybe even a mojito, why not. My favorite places for this are Tropisol on Burriana beach and Kronox which can be found at the Balcón de Europa.


The afternoon is getting a bit lively and you fancy a cocktail, I know the feeling. I recommend going to Rincón del Sol on Burriana beach or Cochran’s at the Balcón de Europa. Cochran’s usually have live music at the weekends. Prices and mad, the staff are friendly and the views are unbeatable.

Irish bars

If you are looking for dark beers and real ale then you can’t miss Irish Annie’s or Muphys bar. There’s a lot of Irish around in Nerja so there are a few Irish bars in town.

Late-night bars

If you are looking for nightlife then Tutti Frutti is your place. It’s a little square in the center of town surrounded by late-night bars with different kinds of music and atmospheres. My favorites are Obelix Plaza and La Guardia because they are always full of locals but if you are looking to mingle with tourists then Bar SE7EN is your best choice.

I hope my mini-guide of things to do in Nerja is helpful. I invite you to comment and help us out.

You can also learn a little more about our charming town by clicking here.

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