Nerja beaches

Nerja’s beaches are well known for their crystal clear water. The coastline is 13km long and the paradise-like beaches are all worth a visit. In fact, one of the beaches has been named the second best beach in the country by a popular tv channel.

Come and discover our beaches, you will not regret it.

⛱Nerja’s beaches close to the center

Burriana beach

Playas de Burriana en Nerja

This is the most popular and busiest beach thanks to all the services and facilities you can find here. These services and facilities make this beach the best equipped beach in Nerja. Here you can practice all kinds of water-sports and enjoy the blue flag (seal of quality) year after year.

The beach has been awarded the Q for Tourist Quality since the year 2004 till today.

Carabeillo beach

Playa del Carabeillo en la parte antigua de Nerja

A small beach only accessible via the “Mirador del Bendito” found on Carabeo street. You will go down some stairs that are bordered by a cliff.

It’s a very nice beach because it’s calm and the vegetation transports you to a tropical island you could see in a magazine. That said, although it is one of the closest beaches to the town center the facilities here are almost non-existent.

Carabeo beach

Playa de carabeo

A small beach, only 120m long. You can access this beach through an alleyway found on the pedestrian part of Carabeo street. I must say that it’s one of the busiest beaches, and here you can rent sunbeds and there are showers and a lifeguard tower.

Chorrillo beach

Chorrillo - Una de las calas de Nerja

A beach made up of three smaller beaches which are accessible from both sides (Calahonda beach and Carabeo beach). I reccomend the Calahonda access because this way you can walk down the popular stairs next to the Balcon de Europa, through the Calahonda hole in the wall.

Out of all the beaches’s Nerja this is the best one for snorkeling because there is plenty of marine life.

Calahonda beach

Calahoda - La playa mas fotografiada de Nerja

You could say that this beach is the most well-known by tourists. This is because it is located next to the famous Balcón de Europa. It’s a beautiful beach that was made famous by the tv series “Verano Azul”.

To access this beach you must go through the Calahonda hole in the wall, which just so happens to be one of the most photographed places in town.

La Caletilla

Playa Caletilla - Bajo el Balcon de Europa

A small public beach which is just 50m long and wide depending on the sea level. This beach can also be found next to the Balcón de Europa and to access this beach you will have to go through the hole in the wall at Calahonda and instead of stopping and Calahonda beach, just continue along the promenade.

El Salón beach

Playa el salon situada en el balcon de Europa de Nerja

An old fishermen beach which nowadays is full of Spanish tourists. For me, it’s one of the most charming beaches you will find in the area. This is because you can still see the fishing boats on the beach and the fishermen’s houses are still on the side of the beach, houses which they use as summer houses. To access this beach you must go down the alleyway you can find close to the Salvador church, next to the Toboso apartments.

La Torrecilla

Playa la Torrecilla

Torrecilla. One of the most popular tourist nerja’s beaches which is not surprising because since 2006 this beach has won the Q for Tourist Quality and receives the blue flag (seal of quality) year after year.
This beach has 5 accesses:

  • From Chucho Beach
  • From the stairs you can find on Mérida street
  • From the Riu Monica hotel (private access)
  • From a ramp that goes from Málaga street to where it meets the Mediterranean avenue
  • From the promenade that goes along the coastline, which you can find at Plaza de los Cangrejos

El Chucho beach

Playa El Chucho bajo el hotel Perla Marina

This beach stretches from the old watch tower (Torrecilla Beach) to where the Chillar river meets the sea, where you can also find the Perla Marina hotel.

You can access this beach through Mérida street and I recommend you wear swimming booties because there are rocks at the shore and they can make swimming a bit hard.

El Playazo

El Playazo

Out of all nerja’s beaches, this is the longest. It’s around 2km long and this is the reason why it’s always full of big families who have their marquees up and will spend the whole day on the beach. Not bad eh?

Aside from this, it’s also the beach where all the boats in Nerja set sail, because we don’t have port per say.

Access is very simple and this beach has public parking. On this beach, you can find the Marina de Nerja hotel, the boatyard, and Mauri, Pepe Mesa and Oasis, which are beach restauran

Beaches to drive to. Beaches not in walking distance.

Cala Barranco de Maro

Cala barranco de Maro

small beach found at the “Barranco de Maro”, as the name would imply. You can access this beach just past the 294th km of the N-340 road (Nerja-Almería). It’s a beautiful beach where the scenery is more important than the swimming. Access isn’t easy though and you will have to park your car and walk through sugar canes and subtropical plants for a few km. I recommend you wear trainers for this one.

La Caleta de Maro o cala chica

Caleta de Maro o cala chica de Nerja

Another small nerja beach that everyone should know about. And this isn’t me talking, this is the award talking. This beach was named the second best beach in Spain by 57.299 people.

If you are planning to go to this beach then I recommend that you get there early because parking can get complicated the later the day goes on. Also pack some lunch because, while there are some facilities like showers, there are no restaurants.

Maro’s beach

Playa de Maro - Nerja

This beach is easily accessible and can be found in Maro, a district in Nerja. It’s the perfect place to rent a kayak and pass by all the cliffs. Make the most of it and take in all the charming scenery.

The fauna here is very much alive thanks to the fact that it’s a natural park, so fishing is prohibited.

Molino de Papel’s beach

Molino de papel

This beach earns its name because there is an old paper mill on site. The beach is around 300m long and can be found at the edge of the Maro cliffs, where the “de la Miel” river and the Arroyo de los Colmenajeros waters meet the sea.

You could say that the is the most virgin beach in Nerja and for that reason, there are no services or facilities.

Las Alberquillas beach

Playa de las Alberquillas

This beach is 100% virgin and there aren’t any services or facilities at all aside from one shower with fresh water coming straight from the mountains.

If you are looking for a nice and quiet beach to spend the day, this is the beach for you.

Cala del Pino

Maro - Nerja - Cala del Pino

A quiet and small semi-nudist (clothing is optional) beach which is hard to access. The water here is crystal clear and very clean making it ideal for snorkeling. To access the beach you must go down a steep ramp for about 200m, from the N-340 (national road) to the shore.

El Cañuelo beach

Cala el Cañuelo

An amazing beach that can be found just outside of Nerja (past Maro), where transport is limited due to the conservation of the area which makes this beach all the more charming. To access this beach there are several minibusses which offer a return service for just 2€.

This is the beach that I always recommend to those of you who are visiting Nerja., It’s a very clean beach with crystal-clear waters which invite us to snorkel or scuba dive and discover the marine life here. You will be very surprised!

This beach is also known for its numerous underwater caves. And just like the last beach, it’s a semi-nudist beach where clothing is totally optional. To access this beach you have to walk down to it from the national road.

Nerja’s beaches, which one is your favorite?

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