Guide to know where to eat in Nerja

Here I have prepared a guide so you can know where to eat in Nerja when you are here. This isn’t your typical list full of restaurants that have paid to be on this list, this is a list certified by me and other locals in town who visit these restaurants all the time.

In this list, you will find all types of restaurants. Mediterranean food with local produce. Fish restaurants with fish so fresh that it was literally caught the same day, turning the sea into your own meal. Italian restaurants with Italian chefs who cook amazing fresh pasta. The world-renowned Spanish Tapas that will surprise you in the best way possible. And also a Mexican restaurant, and Indian restaurant, and a Japanese restaurant. You have a wide array of flavors at your disposal so sit down and enjoy this list.

Also, leave your opinions in the comment section and I will update the article.

Best places to eat Tapas in Nerja

La Jamonería

A cozy place to try different hams, cheeses, wines and quality meats, all freshly cut by proffesionals. Located in the centre of Nerja, it’s the perfect addition to your stroll through town. You can also take their products with you, in a vacuum-sealed bag, so you can enjoy them at home.

47, El Barrio street
Tel. 600 02 19 33

Taberna Pepe Moles

Nerja Turismo - Restaurantes - Pepe Moles

This is the perfect place in Nerja to eat good tapas. Perfect because the price is very affordable and the quality is excellent. When I visit this restaurant at lunch time or dinner time I usually order some tapas and also a “ración” (sort of a larger version of the tapa). With each beer, wine or soft drink that you order you will be given a tapa. My favorites are the croquettes or the cod filled red peppers. The chicken curry is also good. All the “raciones” are good, but my favorite is the “Granaina tosta with Secreto” (a pork dish that will blow you away!)

16, Antonio Millón street
Tel. 952 96 62 00

Mo Gastro Tapas

This is the perfect place to eat in Nerja if you wish to have an explosion of flavors in your mouth. They have a great variety of tapas with a minimalist touch and the staff is very friendly. You will find something different every time, with your family, partner or friends. The “pinchitos” (meat skewers) are some of the best you can find in Nerja.

27, Andalucía street
Tel. 952 52 00 32

Redondo Bar

Also known as “the round bar” is a quite unique bar in town because it’s round and the staff is inside the ring. Along this ring, you can find a wide variety of tapas. You can eat inside or outside. For me the best dish is the fried camembert. The staff is very friendly, making eating here a good experience every time.

14, de la Gloria street
Tel. 658 39 95 38


A good restaurant for tapas in Nerja. A very charming place close to Tutti Frutti (the late night area of town) making this place a perfect stop before your big night out. They have a great serrano ham rosca (big donut like bread) and a pork fillet with peppers and mayonnaise rosca.

15, Chaparil street
Tel. 952 52 19 55

Best places to eat at the beach in Nerja

La Barca

For me this is one of the best beach bars in Nerja. They always have good quality food and the fish is so fresh. You can order either fish or meat and they will cook it on their barbecue. You can watch them cook your food before it arrives at your table. My favorite is the squid, although the sardines are also excellent. The staff is friendly and efficient.

Burriana Beach
Tel. 95 252 69 27


This beach bar can be found on Playazo beach. It’s a bit far away from the center of town so I recommend driving there. There’s a car park next to eat. It looks like a very old place but when you go inside you will be surprised. The food is always good and of excellent quality. The views here are great because it’s opposite the beach and only 10m away. Try the squid, the king prawns or the sardines.

Playazo Beach
Tel. 653 10 72 02


Easily the most popular beach bar in town and probably the most popular restaurants overall in town. Most of the “Verano Azul” tv series was recorded here and the actors had lunch here every day. It’s a peculiar restaurant (which still maintains the charming old beach bar look) where you can order a plate of paella and then have as many plates as you like, don’t be shy! The paella is cooked with wood and served in very large paella pans by the popular Ayo, a man who has helped those in need many many times.

Burriana Beach
Tel. 952 52 22 89

Best places to eat fried fish in Nerja


A very good place to eat fried fish in Nerja. Here you can order tapas with each drink or order “raciones”. They have an area for eating tapas full of bar stools and an outdoor area for eating “raciones” with tables and chairs.The seafood here is to die for! It’s the perfect restaurant to have lunch in with your family or friends. Also, the food is served quick, which is always a bonus! That said, there is a catch and on the weekends and in the summer months this place can get very very busy.

26, Almirante Ferrandiz
Tel. 952 52 13 84

Dolores “El Chispa”

A very traditional bar, great for eating easy and traditional food. Málaga tasting food, local products. Don’t let the presentation and decoration of this place fool you, it may seem like it’s not good but you will be very surprised. Quality is assured and prices are most affordable. And it’s also very clean, always a bonus!

12, San Pedro street
Tel. 952 52 36 97

La Marina Seafood

A very popular restaurant in Nerja to eat fish and seafood. All at the right price. This restaurant is also close to Tutti Frutti the late night area of town making it another good stop before your night out. They also have plenty of tapas and tables and chairs (if you want tapas you must eat at the bar). Their pil-pil is to die for! Parking here can be quite complicated and the nearest car park is at the Verano Azul park (a short walk away, less than 10 minutes).

20, Castilla Perez street
Tel. 952 52 12 99

Best places to have dinner in Nerja

Sal y Pimienta

Restaurant with a scandinavian touch. Great ambiance and an exceptional variety of drinks, cocktails and meals. Anything from a simple snack to a juicy steak or tangy BBQ ribs.

Great for groups thanks to the huge variety on offer.

Very good prices, and excellent quality. By the way, the BBQ ribs are to die for.

Av. Mediterraneo, 2
Tel. 95 183 33 63

Patanegra 57

Perfect restaurant for dinner in Nerja. This is a new restaurant in town but their menu is already very large and very good. The presentation is always excellent and the quality of their products is also excellent. It’s very modern and the menu has a lot to offer, their chef Sergio Paloma is always thriving to invent new meals for his customers. The staff is fantastic, fast, friendly and professional. This doesn’t surprise me because they have moved from the old Patanegra restaurant (also recommended).

57, Almirante Ferrandiz street
Tel. 95 252 02 26


According to myself and Tripadvisor this is the best restaurant in Nerja. The only problem you will have in this restaurant is deciding what to have because everything on offer is unique. The food is great and the presentation is excellent. It’s quite expensive but it’s worth it. I couldn’t recommend a single dish because each one I have had is perfect. Perfect place to take your partner for a romantic meal. It can be quite hard to find this restaurant so pay attention to the sign you can find on the street.

7, Pintada street
Tel. 952 52 29 88

Carabeo 34

This restaurant is also a hotel and it can be found on Carabeo street which is where it gets its name from. They have a small area for tapas and a larger area for eating meals. The terrace is perfect and the views are literally jaw-dropping. Eating a nice steak or leg of lamb while looking over the Mediterranean sea is priceless.

34, Carabeo Street
Tel. 952 52 54 44

Puerta del Mar Seafood

Possibly the best seafood restaurant in Nerja. Here you can eat the best seafood and also enjoy the beautiful views of the sea and the Balcón de Europa. Prices are what you would expect to pay for the quality of the food. I recommend trying the rice with lobster or the clams in a delicious sauce. A great place to revisit.

Puerta del Mar street
Tel. 952 96 60 87

Best places to eat foreign food in Nerja


Haveli is an Indian Tandoori restaurant that has been set in the very heart of Nerja for over 30 years. Using those years of culinary experience, you are provided with the choice of a variety of popular dishes from all over India, culminating in an excellent dining experience.

Haveli stands 3 stories tall, with it’s feature piece being a rooftop terrace. From here you can enjoy dining al fresco in Nerja’s perfect evening temperatures, and even enjoy a bit of people watching, gazing down on passers by below.

Haveli’s staff are friendly and accommodating, speaking multiple languages, and are all ready and waiting to help you have a fantastic meal.

44, Almirante Ferrandiz (C/Cristo)
Tel. 952 52 42 97

Taste of India

In my opinion, this is the best Indian restaurant in Nerja. It’s a charming little restaurant found close to the town center where you can enjoy flavors directly from India at a good price. Service is very good and the staff is very helpful. My favorite is the chicken Tikka Massala, easily the best one in Nerja.

51, Carabeo street
Tel. 952 52 00 43


If you fancy a good fresh pasta dish then this is your place. Quite possibly the best Italian restaurant in Nerja. Fresh pasta and wood oven cooked pizzas, what’s not to like? The prices are very reasonable but the star of the show is their terrace, a typical Andalucian terrace that will help you enjoy a great meal.

24, Castilla Pérez street
Tel. 952 52 37 29

Sekai Japanese Restaurant

If it’s Japanese food that you are looking for then this restaurant is your place to be. The restaurant offers a mix of Mediterranean and Japanese meals making it quite unique. If I had to fault anything, it would be the price but I understand that these meals are not cheap to prepare. It’s not the biggest restaurant in Nerja so I advise you book in advance. A great place to revisit.

Avenida Castilla Pérez, 24
Tel. 952 52 37 29

I hope that you have enjoyed our list of the best restaurant in Nerja. I know it’s tough to find a good restaurant when on holiday so I really hope that this list if useful to you. I’m a local in Nerja so I have been to these restaurants many times and to this day I have not had a bad meal. You can also comment on this list and help us to add restaurants.

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